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FUKUSHIMA KIDS DOLPHIN CAMP 2015 フクシマドルフィンキャンプ2015 御蔵島

"Dear eARThist family,

Oak to all relations Tokyo would like to present 2015 Fukushima Kids Dolphin Camp in Mikura Island this summer for children to release their stress from radiation fear caused by 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and give them an opportunity to play in the mother nature. And WE ARE COLLECTING DONATIONS!

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Fukushima c'est eux Fukushima c'est nous 

A group of parents who has been hosting children from Fukushima since summer 2012 are now organizing another round of crowd funding for summer 2015. 

Details on their crown funding site.

Here is the information about the previous year's achievement.

JCSシドニーレインボープロジェクト JCS Sydney Rainbow Project


Summer camp 2015 for children who lost parents/family members

詳細はこちら For donation details

May 2015

Paris Screening of two documentary films,  High Power and Jaitapor Live, by Pradeep Indulkar

May 26, 18h00

Location details at the website of Cinema La Clef

April 2015


Gambarô (Courage !) Film screening and discussion in Lyon, France

En présence de Cécile Asanuma-Brice, Bruno Chareyron, Thierry Ribault, et la participation de l'association lyonnaise Nos Voisins Lointains 3.11 14h / Projection du documentaire "Gambarô" - 15h / Conférence-débat "Accident de la centrale nucléaire Fukushima Daiichi de TEPCO : la fabrique de l’ignorance"

Date and time: April 4, starting at 14.00

Location: Bibliothèque du 1er

7 Rue Saint-Polycarpe - 69001 Lyon

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・チェルノブイリ・デー Chernobyl day in Paris

April 26, 4月26日(日曜) バスティーユ広場(Bd Richard Lenoir 側)

15h00  starts ブース、チェルノブイリの被害、脱原発の方法など  アナグラム

16h00  speech by Enfants de Tchernobyl Belarus (NPOベラルーシのチェルノブイリの子どもたち)and  Bernard Laponche(Global Chance の創始者、物理学者)

16h30  Human Chains ヒューマンチェーン

Details on the link

Conferences in Paris

パリ2区の区役所とEspace Jean Dame にて講演会が行われます。

April 22, 18h30 in Espace Jean Dame,  17 rue Léopold Bellan (M° Sentier)

"Tchernobyl, perspectives pour la seconde génération"

 (Yuri Bandajevski, Michele Rivasi, Corinne Lepage)


April 23, 19h00

2区区役所2階 mairie du 2e arrondissement, 1er etage

La societe civile contre l'exploitation uranifere au Niger (Alissa Descottes-Toyosaki, Bruno Chareyron, Abdoulkader Alifouna)

ニジェールのウラン採掘の現状のルポ(GEO)をしたアリサ・デコット豊崎、CRIIRADのブリュノー・シャレロン、現地のNPO Ougboul Ounfasの会長を迎えて。2区1階の写真展示(カメラマン Patrick Chapuis)は4月30日まで。

North America

International Uranium Film Festival, in Montreal and Quebec city, Canada


It is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the first explosion of an Atomic Bomb and the A-bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki in 1945. The festival takes place in Quebec City, Concorde hotel, together with the World Uranium Symposium. The films will include six Japanese films and four Canadian films.


Date: from April 15 to 25, 2015 (in Quebec city), 

Special screening April 20 in Mistissini and April 22 and 23 in Montreal.


There are many interesting films include six Japanese films and four Canadian  films.

Benefit Concert for the children of Fukushima in Burlington, Vermont, USA

Date and time: April 11, 2015. Starting at 19.00

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Burlington's old-time favorite musicians gather once again to raise funds for the children of Fukushima affected by the nuclear disaster. Don't miss this rare opportunity!

Donations will support "Komera's Forest", who organizes recuperation camps for the children. The camps help them detox, regain physical and emotional strength, play and grow in nature. Since a large scale evacuation is not a possibility at this point, these camps are one of the ways to help counteract the effect of long-term exposure to radioactivity.