3.11福島原発の五行詩 (Gogyohshi of 3.11, Gogyohshi du 11 mars) by 会津太郎 Taro Aizu



Gogyohshi of 3.11

The earthquake happened
the tsunami came over
the nuclear plant exploded suddenly
the traffic light put out in the street
and everyone ran away from the town.

Le 11 mars 2011

Le séisme est survenu 
le tsunami est passé 
la centrale nucléaire a explosé 
les feux tricolores se sont éteints dans la rue 
et tout le monde a fuit la ville.


1954年1月15日、福島県会津美里町生まれ。1990年第27回現代俳句全国大会佳作。1991年第28回現代俳句全国大会飯島晴子特選第1位。2002年第2回「親と子・愛の詩」特別賞。2012年アメリカで出版された英語短歌アンソロジー『TAKE FIVE,Best Contemporary Tanka』に英語五行詩3篇が入選。2013年フィリピンの出版社からWebsite POET LAUREATEを受賞(本データはこの書籍が刊行された当時に掲載されていたものです)

The author's message on Amazon.com:

Rice and vegetables,

Pears and peaches,

Cats and humans,

May all beings

Revive in Fukushima.

I was born in Fukushima in Japan but now I live in Kanagawa. I wrote haiku and gogyoshi about Fukushima. The theme is Fukushima after the explosion of nuclear plants on march 11,2011. Gogyoshi titled "My hometown,Fukushima" has been translated into 17 languages in the world. It will be translated into more languages not to repeat the miserable disasters in the world. I’II donate the money for a fund for Fukushima children so that they can pass their summer vacations in southern islands in Japan, even if I can get some money here. This book has 50 beautiful color photos of Fukushima and other areas in Japan.This book is my message from Japan to all the people in the Globe! 

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