Hotspots aplenty in "decontaminated" park in Koriyama and school route (with English subtitles)    4年目のホットスポット:開成山公園編/通学路編

Fukushiman Masa reports what he has found in his local park in the video in which he published with English subtitle. . 

Kaiseizan Park in Fukushima Prefecture is the most popular park in Koriyama City.

Decontamination has been done and the monitoring posts show a reading of

less than 0.3 mcSv/h. However, when measuring the radiation level, dosage of several times higher can be seen. We investigated the current situation of Kaiseizan Park which is facing micro hot spots; a phenomenon where even when decontamination is completed, mud builds and radiation level rises.


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Hotspots aplenty in "decontaminated" park in Koriyama

Hotspots aplenty in "decontaminated" school route

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