Summer 2014 Recuperation program for Fukushima kids in Nigata : Please support healthy and safe summer vacation!!

子ども世界ネットワークに新しく賛同団体として加わっていただきました、福島県南会津の自然保育園「こめらの森」。現在、サマーキャンプの準備をすすめています。クラウドファンディング「Ready For」より、皆様のご支援をよろしくお願いいたします。


こめらの森 READY FOR サイトより:






はじめまして、NPO法人 森の遊学舎代表の大西琢也とボランティアスタッフの松浦美樹です。森の遊学舎は、設立から15年目の小さな自然学校です。震災から3年が経った今もなお、放射能への不安から屋外で、思いっきり遊ぶことに躊躇せざるを得ず、ストレスを抱えて日々を過ごしている子ども、お母さんお父さん達がいます。私達が運営する「こめらの森・南会津」は福島県南会津町にあり、空間放射線量は0.06μsv/h前後と比較的低く、主に被災地の子ども達の保養滞在を受入れて、豊かな山や森で「遊び」、古民家での「共同生活」をしています。






ENGLISH page for READY FOR cloud-funding (2 separate pages for all the information) :




Join us in growing “Komera's Woods in Minami Aizu” together !

Komera's Woods  Who we are

We are a small nature school called Morinougakusha in its 15th year, located in Minami Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture.  We created a special program “Komera's Woods” for the children affected by the disaster of March 11, 2011.  (Komera means children in our dialect.)  Our purpose is to nurture the “roots” for life through the experience of living together at an “old Japanese-style house” and exploring rich nature in the surrounding environment.  We value and support their meeting one another, learning living skills and playing together, and feeling and developing emotions.  We held 25 camps so far, totaling to 1,000 overnight stays by children ranging from toddlers to high-school students as well as expectant mothers.

We are currently raising funds for the 2014 summer camps through the crowdfunding called [READY FOR?]!
With your support, the children from disaster-affected areas will be able to play in the mountain and at the sea without worries this summer !!

A questionnaire  carried out in January through March this year revealed that more than 96% of the parents who responded restricted children's play outside and experiencing nature after the disaster.  More than 71% said outside activities are still limited after three years.  There still exits this harsh reality.  It is our sincere desire to offer the children the “opportunity to play outside”, which was normal before the disaster, and to see more precious smiles on their faces.


(Please see more details on the website)


Contact::  Takuya Onishi, Director, Morinougakusha (NPO), email yajin@ugaku.com,


Website ウェブサイト http://r.goope.jp/minamiaizu

FB page FBページ   https://www.facebook.com/ugaku

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