VIDEO: Flower viewing with risks in Fukushima

市民が各自で判断するための放射線測定を:フクシマの桃源郷 福島市花見山公園にて

Masa in Koriyama, Fukushima, has been reporting radiation measuring results of the food and produces in Fukushima, which are measured by Ministry of Health and Welfare, on his blog daily. Masa recently made a video, reporting his visit at Hanamiyama hill in Fukushima city, which is a popular destination for flower viewing for locals and tourists in Spring. 


A radiation measuring spot was set in a parking area ( decontaminated) , but he couldn't find any in the hill, covered by trees, in where visitors were eating lunch or taking pictures. His radiation counter showed 4-5 times higher number than the measuring spot in the parking area. What Masa wants from the government is very simple. Measure radiation appropriately with honesty and tell the citizens the values. That will allow citizens to make decision by themselves.









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