Fukushima, Three Years Later on 60 Minutes, CBS

One Fukushima father's endevour to discover his daughter's dead body

60 Minutes, the most successful broadcast in US television history, returns to the ghost towns in Fukushima, Japan. (aired on April 6, 2014)


Norio Kimura lost his father and wife when the Great East Earthquake and Tsunami hit his hometown of Okuma in Fukushima on 3/11/11. Okuma is located nearby the crippled nuclear power plant and now a deserted, radioactive town. Kimura also lost his daughter, Yuna, that day and her dead body has not been recovered. He is compelled to return to Okuma whenever allowed in order to find anything which belongs to her daughter. Radioactive debris from towns near the plant is stored in special containment facilities for generations.The amount is unknown.


The cleanup of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is claimed to take 30 to 40 years. One hundred thousand gallons of ground water are contaminated daily. The water is stored in undurable tanks, which leak and are filling up the plant site. 


Yoichi Funabashi, a former newspaper editor, leads an investigation into what went wrong and why. This is the only investigation not sponsored by the Japanese government. Funabashi says, "the government is not telling the truth."


Watch the video and tell us what you think.



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