WNSCR Presents "A2-B-C" Screening and Q&A on April 29th

A2-B-C portrays the fierce, defiant love the mothers of exhibit to protect their children.

For inquiries contact: savefukushimachildren777@gmail.com

Do You Know What Really Happened to the Children of Fukushima after the Nuclear Disaster in Japan?
Come Watch an Unforgettable Screening of the Documentary Film entitled: A2-B-C
- The Truth about Fukushima Children
World Network for Saving Children from Radiation. presents the FREE screening of A2-B-C, followed by a Q&A discussion.
Time: Tuesday April 29th, 6:15pm
Location: McManus Room @ Westport Library
20 Jesup Road, Westport, CT, 06880

A2-B-C portrays the fierce, defiant love the mothers of exhibit to protect their children.

Could Fukushima happen in the US?
Are our own children safe from radiation exposure?
How would we react if our children weren’t being given proper medical care for radiation-stricken thyroids?
Do you remember where you were on March 11, 2011? That was the date when eastern Japan was hit with a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and then a subsequent savage tsunami. Both the earthquake and tsunami were the catalysts for the beginning of the catastrophic failures at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan. That day, three years ago, changed the lives of two million Fukushima residents., and perhaps altered the fate of the entire world.
The crippled nuclear power plant still releases high levels of radiation daily, which continuously seeps into the ground soil; evaporates into the air; and leaks into the Pacific Ocean. Decontamination has not been highly effective, and the majority of land in Fukushima - 70% is covered with trees and forests - is excluded from the clean-up plan. There are hot spots all over Fukushima as well as in other Japanese prefectures. The acceptable radiation limit for people to be exposed to was raised by the Japanese Government to be more than 20 times higher than it used to be.
The fate of people’s health in both Japan and in North America is at stake. Among all of us, children are most vulnerable to radiation exposure.  Now in Fukushima, children are suffering from severe nose bleeds and continue to develop skin rashes. Worse than this, 47% percent of the children since 3/11/11 have been diagnosed with thyroid abnormalities. Of this percentage, there are 75 confirmed/suspected cases of thyroid cancers recorded so far*2.
The Japanese mothers of these sick children have mobilized to help protect their children. Citing a lack of transparency in the official medical testing of their children and the ineffectiveness of the decontamination of their homes and neighborhood schools, the children’s mothers have taken radiation monitoring into their own hands to discover the truth of the radiation exposure around them.
Come see the documentary to discover the truth about the aftermath of Fukushima’s nuclear disaster; and find out what the term "A2-B-C" means…
For inquiries contact: savefukushimachildren777@gmail.com


*1   http://www.a2documentary.com/
*2   http://www.save-children-from-radiation.org/2014/02/08/new-report-released-75-confirmed-suspected-thyroid-cancer-cases-among-fukushima-children/

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