Chernobyl Forever: DVD-book for the benefit of humanitary operation

Help the children who live in radioactive territories in Chernobyl, due to the 1986 catastrophy. This project is supported jointly by a group of authors and a humanitary association.

« The nuclear doll », abandonned in the kindergarden of Pripiat/Chernobyl/Ukraine
« The nuclear doll », abandonned in the kindergarden of Pripiat/Chernobyl/Ukraine

A group of authors, journalists, photographers, film-makers, writers, musicians, scientists, who all have a direct experience of working on the field in Chernobyl and in the contaminated areas decided to join in and contribute to a common operation for the benefit of ill children in Belarus.


These authors will donate the royalties of their works as a contribution to allow the publication of a DvD-book which tells the story of the Chernobyl accident and its consequences. This book, written collectively, will be the basis for a HUMANITARY OPERATION for the benefit of children exposed to radiations and living in contaminated areas.We would like you to share our committment by making a DONATION-SUBSCRIPTION to CHERNOBYL FOREVER.

"Photographisme" (Photographism) and "Enfants de Tchernobyl Belarus" (ETB) (Chernobyl Belarus' Children) decided to unite in this project. \


Please see the websites below for more details and description of the project. Donation is collected on the website.

Chernobyl Forever


Les enfants de Tchernobyl ... forever (French webpage of the project

Please visit our allied organization, Enfants de Tchernobyl Belarus



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