Three Years Later - Where are we now? あれから3年,福島の人々と子どもたち、そして私たちのいま

The Third Anniversary of Great East Earthquake/Tsunami followed by Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Today


a Fukushima girl holding a paper, saying 'Please protect everyone. Please protect me."
a Fukushima girl holding a paper, saying 'Please protect everyone. Please protect me."

3.11.2011. The day changed so many people's lives forever.

For Fukushima residents and families living overseas like many of our members of WNSCR, 3.11 is a day to remember and not to remember. Mixed emotions fill our hearts. It brings us back painful memories of loss of our loved ones, damaged houses, and the list goes on. But we won't forget 3.11. We also don't want you to forget 3.11. because the problems haven't been solved at all.





Prime Minister Abe proudly announced that Fukushima is under way for recovery. He visits Fukushima and demonstrates to eat Fukushima food. IAEA sends the message to the world that fish caught in Fukushima is safe. The doctors, followers of Prof. Yamashita, repeatedly deny that the increasing thyroid cancer cases in Fukushima children are caused by radiation exposure from the crippled nuclear power plant. You watch a Japanese TV program and see the children of Fukushima dancing and smiling and looking healthy.


Is it all true?






We know it's not true. Fukushima is still way out of control. That's why we want to tell you the stories about real Fukushima and the people: elderly people who can't return to their homes dying alone in the temporary housing complex, mothers and children living separately from fathers, residents suing TEPCO and the government for its accountability, radioactive soil not being decontaminated effectively, etc. 




a Fukushima baby's radiation level being measured
a Fukushima baby's radiation level being measured

Most of all, we want to tell you the story of Fukushima children. They are innocent. They didn't choose to be born and live in this horrible environment with constant radiation exposure. They have the right to live in a safe place just like any children in the world.

Their health is deteriorating. It is the truth no matter how some keep denying. The tiny number of smiling children we see on TV or in the newspapers don't really represent what 360,000 Fukushima children have really been going through.




Children are the future. Protecting them is in our hands. We hope our moral compass will lead us to the right direction.


We'll continue to strive for our mission and hope you will stay with us on our journey.






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1. Evacuate Children from Fukushima Rally  2. Radiation Effects  3. Countless numbers of water tanks filled with contaminated water at Fukushima nuclear power plant 4. Radiation in the Pacific Ocean


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