NuclearHotseat podcast program #142: Fukushima Anniversary Special: Voices from Japan.

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Hiroaki Koide, Asst. Professor, Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute


Taro Yamamoto, actor and member of the Japanese Diet Upper House.


Midori Kiuchi, popular television and movie actress


Kaori Suzuki, Director of the Tarachine Citizens Radiation Monitoring Center


Ruiko Muto, lead plaintiff of a large group of Fukushima residents who have filed a criminal complaint against TEPCO and the Japanese government.

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Setsuko Kida, nuclear refugee from five miles from Fukushima Daiichi and 2013 Green Party candidate for the Japanese Diet Upper House on an antinuclear platform.


Seiichi Mizuno is a businessman, former president of Seibu Department Stores, and former member of the Japanese Diet Upper House.


Kosuke Ito is a former citizen of Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture, who helped to start Frontier Minamisoma NPO.‎


Laura Inoue of Komoro Homestay Programme for Mothers and Children.


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