Follow up on Fukushima Crisis: Post 3.11 Issues

"I don't believe what the Japanese government says" - Ms. Hitomi, A Fukushima Survior

On Jan. 29th, the event called "Follow up on Fukushima Crisis: Pst 3.11 issues" was held in NYC.

Two presenters of the event were: Rachel Clark of Peace Boat of US and Yayoi Hitomi, a special guest from Fukushima, Japan. 


Ms. Clark talked about how Fukushima Crisis afected Japan and the world enviromentally, socially and politically, Her speech also touched on the alarming health problems of Fukushima children and the terrible working condition of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant workers.


"I waited two and a half years for the local government to decontaminate our property", says Ms. Hitomi. She is a Fukushima resident and active members of Fukushima Action Project and Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation. She and her groups have organized various rallies for the right of Fukushima people and the children as well as anti nuclear power. "Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident has shown us the reality that nuclear power cannot be controlled. More and more Japanse people want a nuclear power free society. But various political and financial vested interests oppose this important step. The action of individual citizen is crucial in order to realize such a society. We hope your support from around the world."



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