Facing Light and Shadow Sides of the Nuclear Disaster: Matsumoto-city Mayor, Dr. Sugenoya, who treated children in Chernobyl, stands for Fukushima kids

長野県松本市 チェルノブイリで治療した医師、菅谷市長記者会見:福島と日本の子どもたちのために







"There are light and shadow sides in this nuclear disaster. 

We are familiar with the shadow of all the problems we have faced. 

But the light will be the exchanges that would become possible between the children from Fukushima and the rest of Japan.  "


(From the speech of Dr. Sugenoya, Mayor of Matsumoto-city)


What is Matsumoto Boarding School Project?


Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011 has completely changed the lives of Fukushima. The uncertain situation of Fukushima still continues and we are afraid to see that Fukushima children have been forced to live under many restrictions even after 3 years of the disaster. NPO, "Matsumoto Kodomo RYugaku Kikin" has launched a project in Matsumoto, Nagano pref. seeking for the place where Fukushima children can play and study in safe and friendly environment.


Who is Matsumoto city mayor, Dr,Sugenoya? 

The mayor of Matsumoto, the host city of the project, is Dr. Sugenoya, who had worked in Chernobyl areas for 5 years to treat the children. WNSCR translated a part of his regular press conference that was held in December 2013. 






まつもと子ども留学 ウェブサイト

Matsumoto Bording School Project (Japanese)



Matsumoto Borading School project Website in Englsih




Blog in Japanse (partly in English) 





Photos in the area in where the children will go to school


Boarding house in winter
Boarding house in winter

(Video editied and traslated by WNSCR team)

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    Michel FERNEX M.D. (Wednesday, 12 March 2014 19:51)

    The best testimony I've heard,, being active in Chernoby since 1996, The children are the real victims of Fukushima, as it is the cas in Cernobyl, already before being born: low birth weight, congenital malformations, and soon health problems, infections, allergies, fatigue, adaptation difficulties, later heart diseases, and thyoid diseases, not only ccacner which is normally 1 case fo 1 million of thildren. It shouldhave not more than 1 case of cancer of the thytoid per year in Fuushima prfecture. If more, it is due to the iodin shock, the contaminated air from the reactors.