Need any idea for holiday gifts? Our suggestion for unique and thoughtful gifts for holiday fun and Fukushima awareness!

Winter holidays are just around corner! Are you looking for unique and original gifts for your family and friends? Here is our suggestion.....


Our allied organizations sell their original goods to raise money for children in need.

For example, Ringono, a group of Japanese living in France and Japan, sells badges and postcards with drawings by children in Fukushima. Ringono offers radiation-free apples to the children, thanks to apple farmers in Aomori prefecture, the northern tip of Honshu Island. Aomori is the native region of the founders of Ringono. Their activities are inspired by the apple pectin cure, practiced since more than 20 years ago by Belrad Institut for children in the contaminated area in Belarus. With the cooperation of local schools and organizations in Fukushima, Ringono has provided families with a leaflet that contains practical recommendations about foodstuffs that are useful for fighting internal contamination. The information is mainly provided by Belrad Institut, Dr. Michel Fernex, and the French NPO Les Enfants de Tchérnobyl-Belarus. Through Ringono, more than 20000 children have received apples and the information leaflets. This year again, Christmas and New Year's apple-gifts are going to children, for their health and smile!


Ringono members visited Minamisoma and Fukushima-city in summer 2013 (Photos were provided by RIngono). 



If you wish to support their activities by buying postcards + badges, please visit:




More information about Ringono: (English page to be updated...) (French page) (Pages in Japanese, the most complete site with the list of schools and shops that sell RINGONO charity goods, etc)

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If you wish to make donations to our allied organizations, please visit the webpage about our network.


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    Herbert (Sunday, 22 December 2013 16:48)

    Healthy food is always a good idea, but it is obvious, that more is needed to protect children from radiation. Beside the fact that evacuation/ relocation would be the best, there is eventually something, that could be done.

    Dr. Rema E. Laibow:

    When it comes to the effectiveness of glutathione and EDTA orally taken some physians have a different opinion from what Dr. Laibow said:

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    Herbert (Sunday, 22 December 2013 20:41)

    I know, your heros are Prof. Koide, Dr. Busby, Dr. Caldicott etc. None of them has ever mentioned, that there are indeed effective methods to protect your children and yourself relatively good in low dose radiation areas. Do you honestly believe they do not know about glutathion, EDTA and other substances ? Do you honestly believe apple pectin will save your children ? Today in belarus 4 out 5 children cannot be named healthy and they had their apple pectin - please think about this.

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    Herbert (Sunday, 22 December 2013 21:07)

    Dr. Doug Rokke was heavily contaminated during the Golf War. He was so heavily contaminated, that he got ill within 72 hours - he is still alive.

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    Yves Lenoir (Tuesday, 24 December 2013 18:57)

    Hi Herbert !
    thank you for your observations. It allows me to precise a few things :
    1°. apple pectin with vitamins and oligo-elements, named Vitapect, is a good mean to accelerate the cesium elimination from the body. It was tested in double blind (see : , a Swiss Medical Weekly paper on a test following a protocol approved by nuclear research center ISPRA in Italy).
    2°. only a very little proportion of children living in the tainted areas of Belarus receive Vitapect (approximately 8%). The reason is simple : between 1995 and 2000, the independent Institute of radioprotection Belrad suffered of financial starvation from official authorities (domestic and abroad) and was obliged to drastically reduce the range of its action with children. Belrad survives thanks to private support from abroad (75% from France).
    3°. there is no epidemiological studies which could allow to compare the situation of children under Belrad's action and other. To make medical investigations and statistics is strictly forbidden Belrad !
    4°. an independent institute like Belrad can not use medicines. Only food complements are authorized.
    5°. adults are more resistant to radiation action (free radicals) than children. Furthermore it is scientifically irrelevant to suggest one case is a rule.