How Safe is Fukushima for the Residents and to the Rest of the World?

WNSCR Co-Founder makes a case about Fukushima Children on TV

Mariko Bender with Lisa Fletcher & Wajahat Ali
Mariko Bender with Lisa Fletcher & Wajahat Ali

On Nov. 8th, Mariko Bender, our network co-founder, appeared on THE STREAM, the live TV show on Al Jazeera America.


This special program presented three interviews followed by lively, controversial debate. The participants are Mariko Bender, of World Network for Saving Children from Radiation, Dr. Helen Caldicott, of Nuclear Free Planet, and Dr. Robert Gale, radiology expert who has advised the Soviet Union on Chernobyl.


Lisa Fletcher, the host of the show, THE STREAM, asks, "How dangerous is Fukushima?” So much daily suffering is still going on there, she continues. "One Japanese doctor said radiation released from Fukushima in the 5 months is equal to the 29 HIroshima atomic bombs."

Radiation is leaking from the Fukushima Daiichi plant at a record-breaking rate, more than a fifth higher than levels since the meltdown in March 2011. The significance of the high levels of radiation is being debated. Some argue the increased levels are dangerous, while others are less concerned.


Over 40 percent of Fukushima children now have thyroid abnormalities and the number is increasing. The film about Fukushima children, "*A2-B-C" shows sad reality that children are required to wear "glass badges" to monitor their exposure to radiation. Radiation appears to be affecting animals and fish, too. One concerned Fukushima mother says, “We are deceived and betrayed (by the government.) I believe my children's thyroid cysts are because the radiation was so high in the begining.”

*A2 - Thyroid nodules 5.0 mm or smaller or cysts 20.0 mm or smaller.


Dr. Helen Caldicott
Dr. Helen Caldicott

The program details the current situation in Fukushima, which is clearly ambiguous. Dr. Caldicot discusses the effects of radiation on the thyroid, and the incidence of thyroid cancer among Fukushima children. She also points out the difference between internal and external radiation exposure. Dr. Gale makes the case that radiation is not life threatening and talks about his visits to Fukushima power plant workers. Both experts have two clearly different views about radiation effect. Mariko Bender shares her concerns about Fukushima health management survey results, which are proven to have hundreds of errors. She says Fukushima Daiichi is a ticking bomb and urges that children in Fukushima be relocated to safer environments.


Dr. Robert Gale
Dr. Robert Gale



The Stream is a daily show on Al Jazeera America, focusing on stories that are current, ongoing and sourced from social media. The Stream seeks out unheard voices, new perspectives from people on the ground and untold angles related to the most compelling stories of the day. It is broadcast from Washington, D.C. Monday-Friday at 7:30pm EST and hosted by veteran journalist Lisa Fletcher, a former ABC News correspondent and investigative reporter, a winner of the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards and numerous Emmy Awards. The show was recently named Outstanding Talk Show in the news category by the Gracie Awards, and also received a 2012 U.S Emmy nomination.


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