Fukushima Park: One Hour Limit for Playing

Do Not Bring Elementary School Age Children or Younger to the Park!

- the Fukushima City Parks and Greenery Division

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 Akemi, a single mother of Fukushima had voluntarily evacuated to Kyoto, over 500 km away. She took the following photos when she visited her parents' home in Fukushima in March 2013. The radioactive fallout due to the accident is called "environmental radiation" as if it were part of nature. Discrepancies exist between the official air dose rate after decontamination and the level detected by her radiation detector.


What the sign says:

For those using the park:
Due to the effect of environmental radioactivity, please be careful of the following points in using the park.

  • Please limit the use of the park to 1 hour per day.
  • Please wash your hands and face and gargle after using the park.
  • Please be careful not to put soil and sand in your mouth.

For inquiry, contact Fukushima City Parks and Greenery Division (Phone 525-3765)

What the sign says:
For users of the Sakabuta Park
Since the environmental radioactivity level as of April 22 is above the regulatory limit, please be aware of the following points in using the park.
 (※ The regulatory limit is 3.8 μSv/hr).
  • Please do not bring children who are elementary school age or younger.
  • Even if children are junior high school age or older, please limit the use to 1 hour per day.
  • Please do not use the sandbox.
  • Please wash hands and face and gargle after using the park.


Koriyama City Parks and Greenery Division (Phone 924-1227)

This is the park where the sign is posted. Akemi says identical signs were posted at three parks near her parents’ house. The sand pit is covered with blue tarp and weighted down. Akemi says this park used to be a green park. Akemi had sent her son to Kyoto by himself first, but while she was visiting him in Kyoto for a week in August 2012, the green park was turned into a regular playground. Was it part of the decontamination effort? Akemi says there is a child who walks through this park every day on the way to school.

*The photo above the park, where a house is under construction.

*Closer look at the construction site. The Radex radiation detector shows, "0.52 μSv/h."

Any park will have official air dose rates displayed after decontamination. The sign at this park states the measurement was taken on March 11, 2013, and the air dose rate is 0.186 μSv/h. However, Akemi's Radex registers 0.49 μSv/h, nearly 2.5 times as high as the official air dose rate.

*Fukushima TV station showing "Fukushima environmental radiation radiation levels" accompanied by light music, as if it were regular weather forecast.

For more information, go to http://fukushimavoice-eng2.blogspot.com/.


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