Please Take a Moment and Pray for IKKO, a Fukushima Monk

A member of WNSC, a US resident and a native of Koriyama city,  wrote a message about the critical situation of her family member's friend. Hiwada town which is indicated in the message is located next to Koriyama-city in Fukushima prefecture.  A case like this is just a tip of iceburg.  Please share it with friends and families. 


IIKKO is a Buddhist monk. His life is ending. He is only 34 years old and lives in Hiwada town in Fukushima. He had a heart attack two days ago, and his doctor announced brain death. He is now connected to life-support. My sister in Fukushima knows him through her student who takes both Tea ceremony and Flower arrangement lessons from her. She and IKKO got engaged and were planning to get married next year. She has just lost her father from cancer last April. He had worked at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant when he was younger. IKKO is a sweet and kind man, and is always there to confort her. He has also traveled aroundTohoku areas which were affected by earthquake and tsuminmi to help people get back on their feet. My sister was present when IKKO had a heartattack and is in disbelief of what is taking place since he was fine before this happened. IKKO's family and fiancee are devastated and are facing the most difficult decision whether to turn off his life-support. He is battling for his life right now.

Please take a moment and pray for IKKO, his fiancee and family. 


There have been many cases of sickness and death among young generations in Fukushima although it is not reported by media. 


In the end of August, Japanese government built a facility to burn highly contaminated radioactive soil in Hiwada. Its operation began in Sep. Citizens' concern has been ignored.




By WNSCR team

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