Fukushima mom's decision to move to Hokkaido: "It was just wrong to live in a place where children felt unsafe".

"MAMA REVO." (Mom's revolution), the magazine that cvovers verious issues about radiation protection in Japan, recently joined our netwrok! The magazine is published by-monthly, in both paper and download version. 


The following is an excerpt of a letter from a mother who, in July 2011, moved from

Shirakawa city, Fukushima (80km south east from Fukushima NPP),  to Hokkaido with her

14 year old daughter and her 12 year old son. 

What made me decide to move out of Fukushima was my 12 year old son’s anxious look,

when, in May 2011, he had continuous heavy nose bleeding. He asked me, “Are we okay

to stay here?” Since that moment, it no longer mattered to me whether the nosebleed really

was due to radiation or not – but it was just wrong to live in a place where children felt



My son never said no to my decision, but later I learned that he was actually sobbing when

his friends gave him a farewell at school. I wondered how my daughter felt about

separating from her best friends. Had I known how she felt, it would probably have shaken

my decision to move. I ended up not asking her. But at some point she said to me, “I can

meet my friends anytime as long as we are all safe and sound. So maybe one day they can

laugh about our evacuation and say we were dumb, it was unnecessary after all!” 


The children are stuffing their young soul with things they shouldn't have to think about.

Looking at them, I cannot help feeling resentful about the nuclear accident and what has

happened since.

 Despite my worries, my children now seem fully adjusted to our new home in Hokkaido

and enjoying a healthy life here. My daughter started high school, and my son is a cheeky

13 year old. However from time to time, I think about why we are here. We are lucky to be

supported by the remaining family in Fukushima. We have no complaints about our life, but

we do have fear for the future. We worry about the effects of the radiation that we could not

avoid at the time of the accident. And we are concerned about the prejudice and

discrimination that we may face one day. We must live in this extraordinary situation.

Why is it that very basic of human dignity is neglected? Why is it that concerns and
demands to protect vulnerable children are ignored? Why is it that nobody has been
punished for causing the accident which was clearly stated to have been a human error?
 What awaits us in the future? We must not leave our children a future that is full of
despair and disappointment. I didn’t know, I couldn't see - we must no longer accept such
excuses. I am prepared and determined to raise my voice all the way so that the children
won’t have to shed unnecessary tears.
(original message was written by Hiroko Tsuzuki, Translated by MAMA REVO)
From “Everyone’s Voice” (letters to the editor), MAMA REVO (Moms’ Revolution), vol.5, July
2013, p.22

About MAMA REVO. Magazine

Some of Kodo-Ken’s members started publishing a journal in April 2012. The aim of the

journal is to provide mainly concerned mothers not only in Fukushima but in other

contaminated areas including Tokyo, as well as all people concerned with radiation and

nuclear power, with necessary and important information about radiation and its danger in

an easy to read/understand manner. The information covers medical aspects of radiation

danger, contamination of food, measurement of radiation dose, lawsuit actions, and the

situations of the people living in contaminated areas. The following are some feature

stories in each issue. 


If you are ineterested in subscribing the magazine, please visit here (Japanese only).

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  • #1

    cris (Saturday, 02 November 2013 04:06)

    its sad to see that no one comment ... humanity is in great danger still and everybody is worried about the new iphone or the celebs... wake up humanity lets help japan and the nuclear plants! where are the plants owners and builders?!?!

  • #2

    Samantha (Tuesday, 05 November 2013 10:42)

    I am a mother myself, I wish you all the power and strength to get through all of this. I hope the world turns it self around and that more people open up their minds and eyes to what is really going on. People need to come together and get/demand this be taken care of properly !

  • #3

    Mariana (Friday, 13 December 2013 21:49)

    Back when this tragedy happened in Japan I was so sad to see all the images from the disaster and I was trying to figured out how the lives of all that people would change forever and how would it feel like suddenly having everything destroyed and still having to deal with all this uncertainty caused by the nuclear disaster... I tried to imagine myself in the situation that they are living, having to make decisions such as leaving or staying, but of course there's no way me or anyone who hasn't been through that could ever really feel or understand what it's all about. I hope you and all the people affected could have the strengh to carry on! Best feelings.. all the way from Brazil..