Aren’t our voices enough for Justice? Children’s letters to the Fukushima Regional High Court

The organization of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Plaintiffs recently published a booklet containing 50 letters, written by disaster victims of various ages.



The letters included in the booklet were selected from the written statements for the criminal lawsuit against TEPCO and government officials at the time of the nuclear accident. All these letters were originally submitted to the Fukushima High Court in June 2012, along with the letters of complaint.  1324 Fukushima residents, including evacuees outside the prefecture, presented themselves as plaintiffs. It was the biggest number of plaintiffs in the history of criminal trials in Japan, and the number of plaintiffs for the second trial has increased to 14716.


WNSCR would like to introduce two letters from the booklet, both written by young children. 

(The original Japanese texts are in P18-21, Koredemo Tsumi wo Toenaino desuka!, Fukushima Genpatsu Kokusodan, 2013) 


The booklet (Japanese only) is available online in the offical website of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Plaintiffs,  and also in major online bookstores.

“I have so many things important left behind at our house in Fukushima”

(Koutaro Nozaki, Boy, 7 years old, evacuated from Iitate village to Gifu prefecture)


I couldn’t go home because the accident happened. I have changed school three times. I don’t like changing school so many times. I have many important things left at our place in Fukushima. I felt sorry for not taking animals with me because of radiation. I had to move to another house because of radiation.

I want to go home where I was born. I got along with friends and teachers in the former school but I was moved when I was in Grade 1. I had to move because of the nuclear accident. There were meadows around in my house and I was living with cats and goats and many other animals. But because of the nuclear accident I was moved to a Buddhist temple. There were cats and goats and chickens there, too. I was going to school there with friends and teachers, but I had to move again to an apartment house. I was not allowed to have animals in the apartment house. I was happily living with animals before, but there are no animals in the apartment house and I can’t play outside but I have to read books inside quietly. I feel sad. I want to go home. 

“There is no doubt that the president and the CEO of TEPCO are assailants ”

(Y. C. Elementary school student, girl, evacuated from Tamura city to Gifu prefecture)


I was forced to move out from our precious home. The reason is not like transferring related to my parents work. It is because of radiation fallout around our house. If it had been only an earthquake, there would have been damage such as landcracking or landslides, but we could have continued living there. The accident of the TEPCO’s nuclear power plant made it impossible for us to live in our place. Don’t you think it is irresponsible to cause such a big accident although they had kept saying “nuclear power plants are safe”? I am a child but even I can understand that simple fact. I know there have been many victims. There is no doubt that the president and the CEO of TEPCO are assailants. There must be thousands and thousands of people suffering from the damage. I am one of them. I have friends whom I haven’t seen since 3.11 and I have already changed school three times. I am in a struggle, but the president and the CEO of TEPCO have not taken any action. It is truly awful.



Why is it only TEPCO that cannot be punished? If it were for ordinary things they would be punished. Isn’t it terribly unfair?



TEPCO has caused the accident that will affect not only current generation, but also the next and future generations. It is not right that they cannot be punished. The court should assess where the responsibility of the accident lies and punish those who are responsible. 


I want the responsible persons to be rightly punished by the justice system. 


(Translated by WNSCR team)

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    Sherry Lynn Wyman (Friday, 18 October 2013 14:07)

    Thank you. We have a very frightful time coming up here in November of 2013 when they attempt to remove fuel rods..

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    Dick (Tuesday, 14 January 2014 13:45)


    MT Keshe was interviewed by Project Camelot regarding his method of reducing radioactive contamination. He plans to conduct seminars throughout Japan this month. If you have interest in attending his seminar in Japan, contact the MT Keshe Foundation.
    Link to the inview : (Preview)

    Also, Radha Roy discovered decades ago how to neutralize radioactive contamination. His process, called the Radha Roy Process is well known to the nuclear industry as well to the Japanese government but it has never been used…for some reason – too easy and too inexpensive.
    This information should go out to the various environmental and activists organizations in Japan. The Japanese government is conducting genocide on the Japanese people by knowingly withholding the implementation of this technology.
    I understand water in Tokyo will soon be contaminated with radiation, if it has not already happened.