"A2-B-C" - Documentary about the Fukushima Children

A Must See Film to Learn the Truth

In case you missed to watch the film, catch "A2-B-C" at the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival at the Firehouse Center for the Arts in Massachussets in USA on Sunday, September, 22nd. More details at http://newburyportfilmfestival.org/?page_id=511


A large number of Fukushima children have shown thyroid abnormality since the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident. The first case of thyroid cancer in a child was reported about a year ago. Now, 44 have been diagnosed as malignant cases. 


In "A2-B-C", the Fukushima parents and children tell you their stories about how radiation changed their lives. The parents educate themselves about radioation poisoning, raise concerns to others and support one another. For what? To protect their children. These families are brave enough to come out to tell YOU what is really taking place in Fukushima. 


The goverment tells evacuees to return to Fukushima. They tell residents to remain in Fukushima. Is it really safe to live there? 


One Fukushima mother says, "Staying in Fukushima is as same as murdering our children."


Hibakusha (people who were exposed to radiation due to nuclear bombs and nuclear power plant accidents) suffer prejudice in Japan. It must have been a difficult decision for these families to appear in the film, but they did. Director Ian Thomas Ash earned their trust and is on their side every step of their way. 


"I am drawn to the people who are not listened to and who do not have a voice", says Ash.


Hermann Joseph Muller, the nobel prize winner in 1946, vigorously promoted public awareness of the dangers of radiation to future generations. Experts in Japan, however, continue to deny relationship between radiation and growing numbers of thyroid cancers among Fukushima children.


"All of humanity is in this together, and we have a responsibility to the future generations."      Time has come to listen to Director Ash and take care of the job we left off decades ago.





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