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Japan's Fukushima reactors continue to leak radioactivity into the Pacific Ocean. The American public deserves to be able to protect itself, particularly susceptible children, against this pollution. Tell the US Food and Drug Administration to lower the allowable limit of radioactivity in our food and spearhead widespread food testing.

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I am writing to demand, in the continuing wake of the Japan nuclear catastrophe, that FDA lower the amount of radioactive cesium allowed in our food to 5 Bq/kg. I also request that FDA spearhead widespread testing of the US food supply immediately. It is our RIGHT TO KNOW how contaminated our food is and our choice whether or not we eat it. Everyone has the right to say  “Bye-Bye, Becquerels!”

Japan’s nuclear industry and government have lost control (once again) of its ruined nuclear power complex at Fukushima, a site that continues to leak massive quantities of radioactivity into the Pacific Ocean. This is on top of the releases from atomic bomb tests and nuclear power.

The American Medical Association has called for testing of seafood. Canada is going to start testing its salmon in light of an historic low in salmon numbers. Korea has been testing imports from Japan, returning food with small amounts of cesium contamination. Bluefin tuna tested from off of the California coast has been contaminated with Fukushima cesium. 

The US FDA has a limit twelve times that of Japan at 1200 Bq/kg of cesium. Even with the continuing release of radioactivity into the Pacific, and food testing in other countries, the FDA stated to the press that it still sees no danger from man-made radiation in food even though children are more vulnerable to radiation damage.

Food testing is urgently needed. FDA, do your job.


Beyond Nuclear

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    Donovan J. (Friday, 06 September 2013 03:43)

    There's no doubt in my mind that radiation has made its way into our Pacific seafood. I understand the FDA would rather protect corporate interests over people's health but by signing this petition I am adding my collective voice to pressure your organization to start testing ALL seafood for radiation. I ask that you report your findings openly and honestly so people can make informed decisions about what they are putting in their bodies.