UN side event on Fukushima and human rights was held on May 28, hosted by Human Rights Now

Presenters of the conference
Presenters of the conference

NGO Human Rights Now held a side event on May 28, inviting former Futaba town mayor Mr. Idokawa and two other community activists from Japan. On May 27, a day before the side event, the official response from Japanese government to the report of the Special rapporteur Anand Grover on Fukushima nuclear accident and itsimpact on people's lives from the point of view of human rights was published (The Japanese translation will be soon available online by HRN).




The side event and press conference can be viewed on IWJ.



In the side event, Mr. Idokawa made a speech criticizing the Japanese government's response to the the UN recommendations and its measures to handle the situations in Fukushima.  Idokawa     said:


“Yesterday the government of Japan emphasized that they were making the utmost efforts to cope with the relevant problems. However, the government had not neither approached me nor given me any instruction amid the emergency. To whom their respectful measure was addressed? Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey is being carried out without reflecting the opinions and requests of the residents”.

Idokawa's whole speech in the side event available in HRN website.



Mr. Idogawa was the mayor of Futaba Town, hosting 5th and 6th Units of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. The town is 3 Km away from the nuclear accident site. He was the only mayor in Fukushima prefecture who decided to officially relocate his town's population and the administrative functions outside the prefecture. In October 2012, Mr. Idokawa visited the UN in Geniva and asked international community  to help evacuate the residents of Fukushima. Since the accident, The former mayor had fought against the government and the city assembly’s plan to return Futaba and had demanded to move the residents of Futaba to less contaminated area, but he resigned in Januray 2013. 


The video filmed after Idokawa's resignation is available on WNSCR you tube page





The UN human rights council official session can be viewed on the UN web TV.

No.55: HRN chair person Ms. Ito,

No.57: Peace Boat Ms. Joyce,

No.59: Anand Grover



To read an article on the human right council in Japanese language along with Mr. Anand’s report in summary, go to OUR PLANET TV website



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