Don't squat down on the radioactive ground! Speech of Mika Noro, the founder of NPO "Bridge to Chernobyl"

Mika Noro, avid activist for radiation protection, gave speech at the Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial team rally on May 18 in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Ms. Noro has been organising a hosting program of Chernobyl children in her native Hokkaido for more than 20 years. The NPO "Kakehashi (bridge) to chernobyl" has hosted hundreds children from Chernobyl and they are currently organising recuperation program for Fukushima children in Hokkaido. Since 3.11 she has lectured all around Japan for the public, especially for the mothers who concern about the health effect of radiation. 


Translated and captioned by WNSCR team 

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