General Assembly of Plaintiffs demands investigation by law enforcement on the nuclear accidents

On April 27, 2013, the 2nd general plaintiffs’ assembly was held in Koriyama city and they declared the resolution statement at the meeting. At the end of the assembly, the chairperson Ruiko Muto read out her own statement.


“Our direction is now clear. We acknowledge that every one of us makes an important part of the collective plaintiff team. We are not alone in solitude; rather we are surrounded by a lot of people with warm hearts. We make our promises, and repeat them over and over again. We refuse to be dispersed. We refuse our dignity to be taken away. Not anymore. We keep holding our hands.”


In March 2012, a large number of people who demand legal investigations of TEPCO and the government formed the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Plaintiffs and collectively filed a case against 33 people, for the immense damage resulting from the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. By November 2012, 14,716 individual complaints had been collected and submitted to the Fukushima regional district court. Since January 2013 the urgent petition campaign for demanding legal investigation and prosecution had collected 108,333 signatures and they too were submitted to the Fukushima court.

The resolution statement


We have been actively involved in the actions of the United Front of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Plaintiffs since March 16, 2012.


What we have learned since then is that the situations are far from stable. We have witnessed health problems in children, the limitation of the decontamination activities and the unacceptable way of using nuclear power plant workers in a disposable manner. In the power plants, the cooling water system happened to be shut down because of a blackout caused by rodents. Contaminated water has been leaking. So far, the clean-up activities in the plant site can be compared to walking on thin ice.

The situation has been worsening despite the government’s claim that the situation has been improving. The current politics sets a priority on economic recovery, and under this trend the government has encouraged the citizens to forget the Fukushima nuclear accident and has been promoting the reopening of nuclear power plants domestically and exporting nuclear reactors internationally. Please remember that even now, two years after the accident, 160,000 people still are unable to return home, longing for their villages and towns.


If a private company and its governing bodies, who are responsible for the devastating accident, are not prosecuted, our foundation as a law-abiding nation will collapse and the trust in society itself will tumble. The process to condemn the crime of a private corporation is necessary, for the preservation of a responsible society. We consider it a matter of course that wrongdoers are taken to account, the truth is revealed by independent bodies and that the culprits are forced to serve their sentences.


During the past year, we have continued actions in every possible way, such as bringing about the 1st and 2nd lawsuits and collecting petitions for legal investigations and prosecution. We must strengthen this attempt more in the future.

Our aim is to question the roots of the government’s mistreatment of the weakest in the society, those who are altogether unprotected.  When our aim is realized, the new Japanese society will emerge, where wrongdoers who damage all living creatures and the environment, including human beings, will be duly accused for their crimes. For this purpose, we want to promote solidarity with all those who suffer from the crimes caused by the government and private corporations.


We shall be joined together hand in hand and stand up in order to pass on the new value to the youth and children in this country; the new value that each of us is treated with care and respect.


April 27, 2013

Participants of the United Front of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Plaintiffs

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