ANNOUNCEMENT Demonstration on May 18: We are not giving up the lives of the children

February 23: Shinjuku Tokyo
February 23: Shinjuku Tokyo

The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial Team is planning to hold a demonstration on May 18 in Shinjuku Tokyo. As the ruling of Sendai High Court last month rejected our claim calling for the city in Fukushima to evacuate its children from highly contaminated areas, we were overwhelmed and disappointed at the decision they made. The decision of the judges, which stated that "the children has no right to evacuate, nor the city has no obligation to evacuate the children", was undoubtedly inhumane and disregards the basic human rights of the children. In Fukushima, there are still thousands of the innocent children are living in a highly dangerous areas. In a mean time, the health condition of the children are becoming highly critical. 

Our campaign

Representative Lawyer Toshio Yanagihara
Representative Lawyer Toshio Yanagihara

In order to push the Japanese authority to take a step to save the children, we need your support. The larger number of citizens' involvement is vital for the judges to realise that the decision they are making is highly important for the future of the children and the world is watching what they do. If they continue to make a worng judgements, it would be tantamount to cfrime. World citizens cannot allow this mass killing from happening. If we act now, we can still save so many lives. 


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Campaign for Evacuation of the Children from Highly Contaminated Areas


Toshio Yanaighara  the Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial Team

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    brieonna (Monday, 06 May 2013 12:13)

    how can children be exposed to radiation with no concern????? wtff??