Bridging Wormwood and Happy Island Vol.6: Letter from a father of Fukushima

On April 15, a father who evacuated from Fukushima sent a letter to Alexander Leonov, a father in Belarus, to thank for his advices. On March 26, Leonov gave a set of advices to the Fukushima residents through World Network website reffering to how he feels living in Gomel, Belarus after experiencing a historical event of Chernobyl disaster.


Dear Mr. Alexander Leonov,


Hello. Thank you very much indeed for your precious information about the protection of children from radiation! We moved from Fukushima to radiation-free Nagano Prefecture. We are keeping ourselves busy participating in agricultural training in view of starting our own vineyard. I actually accompanied Mr. Nesterenko during his visit to Fukushima last autumn. I was so shocked when he said, "it is unbelievable that people are living in a place where the radiation level is more than 1µSv/hour!” I feel very sad about this reality. I fully understand what it feels like when you consider leaving your hometown.

We parents have to be courageous enough to protect our children. So, we must prioritize the protection of children rather than trying to find a reason for not acting. Anything must be done for the children so that they can lead a healthy life. We have had enough of such a tragedy. More and more people will suffer unless we stop the nuclear power generation that inevitably causes/that can cause an irreversible catastrophe once an accident occurs. It is our mission as adults, parents and above all as human beings, not to sacrifice our children and their future for the sake of just getting electricity. It's not that we inherited our planet from our parents but I believe we owe it from our children and the future generation. Let's do our best to overcome the difficulties and to make our planet full of hope with a bright future.


All the best,


15 April 2013

Hiroshi Ueki 

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