Anti-Nuke events in March, in Paris

After the human chain of the 9th of March, Yosomono-France and Sortir du Nucléaire Paris had 2 more events.


On March 22nd, a gathering by Yosomono-net for solidarity with Fukushima people was held in the 12th arrondissement community hall in Paris. More than 60 people attended. The program started with a short film with an overview of the Fukushima accident by Mr. Koide from the University of Kyoto. It was made by the Helen Cardicott Foundation and a French volunteer Franck contributed French subtitles for the English version. He put French subtitles to many important films so that people of this heavily nuclearized nation could be enlightened.

Then 2 out of 5 short films entitled “In Containment” were projected. This series is filmed in Minami-Soma 15 months after the catastrophe by American filmmaker, Ian Thomas Ash.


Film 1 documented a discussion about anxiety and discrimination in Fukushima. Film 5 is a good documentary of efforts of a kindergarten to decontaminate their ground and to serve the children food that is as safe as possible. Seeing small kids talking about radioactivity makes us feel so sorry for them.


Then followed another short film about the thyroid problems in Fukushima children.

Last, the already quite well known film “Women in Fukushima” was projected. This film by Norwegian filmmaker Paul Johannessen is nominated for best short documentary at the Madrid film festival. Unfortunately we cannot watch it for free on the net. The following link is to his website.


Between the screening of those films, short speeches related to the subject of each film were inserted, such as health problems, zones of contamination, citizen’s mobilization and examples of Corsica etc.


A participant told, after the film, that she was shocked to know how the government treated victims and was moved by the women with indomitable sprit. Another participant (male, Japanese) said he felt that men need to stand up as well. All the words and expressions by all the protagonists of the films are very touching and convincing.

Okinawa guitar
Okinawa guitar

The event was highlighted by a concert of Okinawa guitar band. Instead of dancing habitual Kansho Odori, all the participants did some hand swing to the Okinawa music, after which the atmosphere became more relaxed and united.


The event ended with discussions in a friendly atmosphere about the possibility of scrapping nuclear energy. Thanks to those short films, French participants seemed to have reached a similar level of understanding of the situation, and of compassion for the victims.


All the filmmakers generously gave us permission to project them for free. Besides, several volunteers prepared sushi rolls, nuclear cookies and served tea, which contributed to creating warm, friendly atmosphere.

The following day, March 23rd, Sortir du Nucléaire Paris organized an afternoon event in a boat-cafe on a canal in northern Paris. For commemorating 2 years after the Fukushima catastrophe, photographer Antonio Pagnotta was invited to show his picture series “The Last Man in Fukushima” (he has published a book about this man, with the same title). It is a touching story about Mr. Matsumura who returned to Tomioka-machi in the exclusion zone in order to feed animals. He lives all alone with neither water nor electricity, a life of a man spiritually awakened. Some of his pictures are shown on the internet media Mediapart.


We can see on YouTube a film “Alone in the Zone” about the same man by Paul Johannessen, filmmaker of “Women in Fukushima”.

This event was also followed by music and discussion.


Kasumi Fujiwara  Yosomono Net France

movement of hands to the Okinawa music
movement of hands to the Okinawa music
0 Bq nuclear cookies
0 Bq nuclear cookies

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