Fukushima Day in Byron Bay Australia

On March 11, a small celemony took place on a beach in Byron Bay, Australia as it was the 2nd anniversary of the historical nuclear catastrophy in Fukushima. We with our Australian collaborators prayed for the victimes of the disaster. We also managed to distribute the newslatter of Fukushima Network "Tangara" and leaflet of World Network to the local people in Byron Bay.  


World Network for Saving Children from Radiation

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    bammbamm (Tuesday, 04 June 2013 09:59)


    The Hippies are sitting on THE BEACH!

    Do you know that parts of Byron Bay are more Radioactive than Fukushima or Chernobyl?
    Oh you didn't?
    Take a Geiger counter to Byron Bay with you next time you visit!

    PS: Dr Helen never returns emails, advertising and talks are fine, but communication with scientists is better - no?

    Lets ignore the big radiation story in Australia - but opine about everywhere else?

    Should change the name to Guinea Pig Bay - with a big fat radiation sticker!