London's Fukushima day closes after 3 successful events

Taking off to nuclear free world in the post-Fukushima era


The committee room 8 in the Houses of the Parliament was packed with people. We had speeches from the nuclear specialists, campaigners and an evacuee. Japanese speakers also gave speeches in English and received loud applauds.


This is the end of our 3 actions (demo, vigil, and the Parliamentary meeting). Thank you very much to have joined us! Our actions might have been smaller than the actions in Japan or other European countries, but we felt that we have sowed seeds to grow.


Fellow friends in Japan, in the world, let's survive and see the nuclear-free society. We saw "count down" the number of remaining number of running nuclear stations in Japan last year before the 5th of May. Keep up working to stop nuclear stations in each country, and every year on the 11th of March, let's count down the remaining number of nuclear facilities all over the world!

Vigil in front of Japanese Embassy


Thank you for joining our vigil in front of Japanese Embassy today in the middle of the chilling cold weather. Please keep warm now and join us again!


Japanese Against Nuclear UK

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