Make Cumbria Safe/Fukushima Demo 9th March 2013

Outside the Sellafield Gates
Outside the Sellafield Gates

The accumulation of radioactive particles is a real, present and accumulating danger and is not just on our beaches, but on Cumbrian streets, fells, towns and villages. We are asking Sellafield to contain radioactivity instead of accumulating and dispersing it to the wider environment. The councillor who removed our notice from Seascale’s public notice board informing people of the accumulating radioactive particles found on the beaches has taken it upon himself to censor this information saying “it has no standing.” It was on a public notice board and the information is taken directly from Sellafield and the Health Protection Agency documents. It is information that should be out there in the public domain and on notice boards throughout Cumbria.

Bird on a Wire – Sellafield
Bird on a Wire – Sellafield

Parish councillors have irresponsibly expressed “strong concern” that the sight of radioactive particles being removed from beaches would have an “adverse impact on tourism.” So radioactive particle removal has been stopped at Parish Councillors’ request during school holidays. Instead of protecting the public some councillors, it seems, are working in unison with the nuclear ‘industry’ to suppress and censor information. Criticism has been levelled at Radiation Free Lakeland for “allowing” children to attend the walk. The fact is that these children are West Cumbrians, exposed on a daily basis to accumulating radiation. Some of our councillors, the same ones who criticise Cumbrians for raising concerns, are actively working to increase that radiation with new build and increased reprocessing.


Do Not Go in the Water
Do Not Go in the Water

A campaigner from Radiation Free Lakeland said:


“Thank you to all that came along to take part in today’s walk (or who supported us from afar).

We placed hazard warning signs at the entrance to Seascale beach and then walked along the coast to the Sellafield site. At the gates, we held a candle lit vigil to mark the 2nd Fukushima anniversary and took a moment of silence to contemplate the disaster, its long term effects on humanity and the environment, and the continuing implications for all.

Our journey back to Seascale was via Grey Croft stone circle. As we stood among the 4,500 year old stones we pondered on the longevity of nuclear waste and the difficulties in communicating the hazards to future generations.

Sellafield – Do Not Alight
Sellafield – Do Not Alight

We were interviewed by Whitehaven News and Border TV and followed throughout by Special Branch. (some of) our warning signs were removed by local councillors following our departure.

Much discussion was had on future actions and we look forward to seeing even more of you at future demos”.


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