Join our action at Fukushima Station for evacuation of children

My 2013 started with anxiety about the future. My New Year resolution is to keep doing what I can do.


Since the onset of the nuclear catastrophe, I have been pleading for evacuation of children from Fukushima.

My belief that this country would do everything to protect its children proved completely wrong. To date, so many children are trapped in this contaminated land of Fukushima, betrayed and abandoned by the state.

I don’t want to think this is the collective will of the Japanese people.

Last year, I was reading a blog article about the people demanding evacuation of Fukushima children to Western Japan. They had been demonstrating in front of the Ministry of Science and Education in Tokyo every week.


That article encouraged me and I thought it was time for us in Fukushima to raise our voice. I started to call for organised action in front of Fukushima Station.


The first action was on Friday August 24th, 2012. So far, we have had 17 demonstrations with about 20 people in front of Fukushima Railway Station every Friday evening.


Through this action, I have met many people who want to save our children, and our trust towards each other grew as we demonstrated together for child evacuation. Now, they are very good friends of mine.


Twice, I went to Tokyo to see Megu, the writer of the blog that inspired me to start our Fukushima Station action. I saw and heard her speaking for the evacuation of Fukushima Children during the Friday demo in front of the Ministry of Science and Education. Her speech was truly amazing. I asked her to come to Fukushima to give a talk. She kindly accepted the offer and has been to speak to Fukushima people in our event.


Radioactive Protection Department of Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation

This article is an extract from the Jan 2013 issue of “Tangara”, monthly newsletter of Fukushima Network

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