Testimony of an Evacuee from Fukushima

On February 23, an evacuee addresses the reality in Fukushima. She also talks about her situation on the film "KAKUSEI".

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    Elisabeth Bilien (Monday, 01 April 2013 02:12)

    The number of people concerned must grow and WILL grow until it reaches critical mass. You will be heard then.
    In the meantime, keep fighting! I want you to know that many care. Ganbatte Nihon! Ganbatte world!
    Many are we who care and want the truth.
    And we can all do something; we HAVE TO to do something. Here is what I do: I watch Fukushima Daiichi with the 2 available cams.
    We can watch the site here, with a cam about 10km away from the site
    or for a closer look, Tepco cam here:
    We can also watch them again compiled (even if there are some missing hours)
    From afar and closer:
    If we see something out of the ordinary ongoing catastrophe... we can go to this forum and tell everyone what we've seen.
    Farewell all. Peaceful concern.