Monitoring posts destroyed in Fukushima

One day, a monitoring post placed in Fukushima was destroyed by someone. I also heard about another case found at some other place in Fukushima. I wonder why he/she destroyed this monitoring post as the person who took this photo said "even though this does not detect the accurate radiation dose, monitoring post could be helpful in a emergency situations". Was he/she angry because the monitoring post shows the lower readings than it should, or are there some other reasons?


In Iwaki City similarly, the words "Go Away Evacuees" were written on the wall of the town hall. The windows of the expensive cars parked at the temporary housing areas were smashed by someone. Everyone seems to be frustrated. I see there are constant struggles among families and among community members. The arguments among people seem to be endless; arguing about the recovery of the town, arguing about evacuation, arguing about local consumption, arguing about the importance of wearing masks, and arguing about the needs for the temporary residential areas. But, why they should get angry at the monitoring post? People do not seem to have found where they can express their complex feeling. This is sad, but the reality of Fukushima.  


Hisao Seki 

Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation

Rest and Recuperation Department

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    Beverly Findlay-Kaneko (Thursday, 21 February 2013 03:44)

    We see a lot of vandalism here in Los Angeles in poverty-stricken areas where people have lost hope. It is very sad that that people in Fukushima are suffering in this way. The government needs to step in and give them realistic choices for restoring a sane and healthy lifestyle.

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    logosky (Tuesday, 09 April 2013 02:03)

    I do not leave in Fukushima, I am not even a Japanese. But I am very frustrated too.. I do not understand why the Japanese officials are downplaying such a nightmare. They have all the informations available to grasp the extent of this catastrophe, they are even totally overwhelmed by the situation in the nuclear plant and are not even sure to handle at last the situation there. And yet, they are not at least securing the lives of their citizens.