Fukushima Children Enjoys Playing with the Snow on Recuperation Nursery Day

On February 7, the children of Takenoko Nursury School took part in the Recuperation Nursury Day in Yamagata Prefecture, next to Fukushima. This day, children had an opportunity to play outside in the piled snow. The children seemed to be excited more than usual because it had been a long time since the last time they played in the snow. Some kids were already excited on the way to Yamagata.The bus was donated by Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation.


During the playtime, children played with snow in various different ways. Some rode in a sledge, some built a snow house and others made a snow statue. The mothers who came with their children also helped them to make a gorgeous tiny room of snow. The older children from high schools were making an elaborate snow statue. They were all excellent!

At the lunch time, we had a miso soup made with the vegetables donated by the farmers who regularly support us with their products delivered from the West Japan. At last, we felt the time passing really quickly and it was already the time to go home. On the way home, children were sleeping on the bus.

All day long, I was thinking that these children did not seem to be used to play with the snow. They do not tend to play actively, but rather behave quietly. It may be because they are too used to play inside quietly due to the health concerns of radioactive exposure. It is a difficult moment for us to acknowledge that these children do not like creating their own way to play with the snow. We instead would like children to learn more from the wild nature of winter when they take part in Recuperation Nursury Day.  


Taeko Henmi

Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation

Rest and Recuperation Department

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