Fukushima Children Enjoys Koto Performance on Recuperation Nursery Day

Takenoko Nursury Schoo in Fukushima have long undertaken Recuperation Nursury Day twice in a month, which provides the children with an opportunity to play in the low radiation field by taking them to the Yamagata Prececture, next to Fukushima, with an hour and half bus trip. The school bus was donated by Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation.


On a day in February, the children and staff of Takenoko cooked potetos with skin. We ate them with Miso paste. The special event for the day was a Koto performance. The tutor of Koto joins our Recuperation Nursury Day every year as a volunteer. After listening to the music played by the tutor, children also had a chance to play Koto. Some children learnt how to play Sakura, which is a Japanese traditional tune. The children seem to have had a briliant experience then. Before we left, we shared the vegetables with the parents. These vegetables are donated from the farmers in the West part of Japan and deliverd to us regularly.


Taeko Henmi

Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation

Rest and Recuperation Department

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