5th Bastille Action Succeeds to Present a Film Inside

The fifth monthly anti-nuke action took place on February 2, not outside at the Bastille but inside the city hall of Montreuil, Seine St. Denis Prefecture in France. The SNP (Phasing Out the Nuclear Age Paris) organises every year an information event for energy called Village Energie, with the participation of the network Yosomono-France (by Japanese living in France). The monthly action for February was merged with this year’s Village Energie, due to bad weather.


The City of Montreuil, east of Paris, kindly offered us their big event space on the second floor of the City hall.


January's action at the Bastille was held as scheduled on January 12, 2013, in the cold on a rainy day – but it would have been better to avoid this unnecessary suffering!

Debate session
Debate session

The main event was the film projection of Ashes to Honey (2010) by Hitomi Kamanaka, a Japanese film maker who critically focus on social issues. The film showed the long struggle of the people in Iwaijima against the construction of a nuclear power plant which was built across the bay, and in contrast presented the development of sustainable energy in Sweden. Following the film projection, we had a debate and question/answer session, 2 speeches by Youki Takahata and Haruko Boaglio from Yosomono-net and a short theatre piece, entitled Hibashima.


In the hall, there was an exhibition with panels explaining the possible sources of alternative energy and how one can economise energy use at personal, collective and industrial levels. Yosomono-net had also a booth for selling newly made badges and for collecting petitions to demand fairness in the Fukushima victims’ lawsuit. Tracts for the Human Chains on March 9 were also distributed. It will be a major event for the second-year commemoration of Fukushima nuclear accident.

In the bar, drinks and home-made cakes by volunteers were sold, which created a convivial and cozy atmosphere.


The event was diffused in direct by IWJ as usual but the video staff added a different flavour by interviewing several visitors and volunteers.


Kasumi Fujiwara Yosomono Net France


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