Letters from Fukushima Children Read at UN

Letters from Fukushima Children

 A girl in grade 2: I didn't pay attention to the rivers when I go to school. I will try harder to wash my hands from today.


A boy in grade 4: I want to play outside without being worried about radiation.


A girl in grade 5: I am grateful to the people who transport fish and food from the Southern hemisphere where the radioactivity is low. I'd like to appreciate more when I eat food while many people are so concerned about the radioactivity in the food I eat.


A girl in grade 5: I learnt that there are more than 221 radionuclides in the world, and there are fungi and rusts growing in the nuclear reactors. While our government does not help us, I appreciate that there are so many people who are willing to support us.


A girl in grade 6: radiation will cause illness after 10 years. I will pay more attention and tell my friends to do the same.


A girl in grade 7:


After the accident at the nuclear power plants, as I watched TV and heard someone talking about it, I became a little bit worried that I might become ill in 10 years or so, but wasn't very cautious.


But, now I've learnt and I have 3 things I am worried about.


No.1. I'm worried if I can have a healthy baby like a normal woman when I grow up and get married. My mum looks after me very well. She asks my school to keep me indoors during PE lessons. As much as she can, she buys food from far way places in Japan and abroad. She is so thoughtful. But, I think I already have a bit of radiation inside of my body. So, maybe my body is more polluted than a normal person's. I think of the possibility of my baby to be born with some defects. If I'm not lucky enough, maybe, my womb is damaged, and I might not be able to have a baby at all. So, I'm ready for giving up having a baby when I get old.


No.2. I'm worried about what will happen to Fukushima in the future. I love my mum and dad very much. They live in Fukushima. My friends, Grandma and Grandpa live in Fukushima, too. I really want all of us to move to somewhere else far away from here, but we can't. My Mum is so kind that she sends me to the rest and recuperation programmes, but many of my friends don't go because their mums don't allow them. I'm worried about my health. I am worried even more about the health of my friends' and that of the people who are important to me. I'm worried the most about my mum. She's been trying very hard to keep me safe. Recently, I had a dream where people in Fukushima die in a few years because of radiation. This scares me a lot. These scary thoughts keep me awake at night. I hope this dream won't come true.


No.3. although the people in the government know we are suffering, but they don't do anything. I'm passed feeling sad and now feel very angry about them. They don't protect our lives. People in Fukushima are suffering because of the nuclear power plants making electricity for the people in Tokyo. And, I think it's wrong the government doesn't do anything to help us and pretend they don't know anything about us. Not only the government, but the Fukushima local government also doesn't do anything. I want to tell them, "you pretend you are a victim, but actually you are guilty too".


Lastly, people from all over the world are thinking of us, but I say, they don't know much about the danger of having nuclear power. I want to tell them about the danger of radiation and ask them never to repeat the same mistake.


I am grateful to the things I learnt. It helped me think through these things.

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    Michel Fernex (Thursday, 24 January 2013 06:46)

    The population is worried, not because the situation is dramatic, but because the authorities are lying. The population needs truth, and the scientists have to solve problems.

    The danger of transmission of genetic damages to the next generation is true and painful. However,geneticists have shown that the genetic alterations, mainly due to perigenetic alterations, but also clastogenic factors, both leading to genomic alterations, both are reversible. Gingko trees are growing in Japan. Genetic is a science who offered a Nobel Price th a Japanese scientist. Stop lying and start working independently!

    Work has been done by the team of Prof.Burlakova showing that a mixture of a and E and C vitamins are able to normalizes the genome.
    The work of the team of Dr Emerit from Paris has shown that extracts from leaves of Gingko trees are achieving a normalization of the genome of irradiated persons and even children. Finally the team of Prof Goncharova from Minsk discovered that antioxidant products can protect animals suffering from transmissible anomalies, they can be cured. This compound is not toxic for fishes and arthropods from commercial farms where up to 70% of the impregnated eggs produced abnormal, embryos and no larvae. The product being mixed with food, made the farm fully healthy in the next generation. . It is time to stop lying and become active and becoming efficient in this field.