Bridging Wormwood and Happy Island Vol.3: Inquiries to A. Nesterenko

Questioner. a resident of Tokyo

Q1, How much Bq/m2 for Cs-137 is the threshold of soil contamination for which the internal exposure harms the human’s health and reduces his/her

quality of life?


On our experience there is no dependence - see the diagramm. It happens in Belarus because of local risk factors - see the pdf file.

Risk Factors
A list of the factors that might affect the likelihood of the emergence of radiation effects.
Risk Factors.pdf
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Q2, How much was the soil contamination in terms of Cs-137 in Мінск after

the Chernobyl disaster?


In 1986 on official data it was less than 3,7 kBq/m2.

Map 1
Map 1
Map 2
Map 2
Map 3
Map 3

Map 4
Map 4
Map 5
Map 5

Source: Chernobyl accident-Aftermath and their overcome. NATIONAL REPORT Edited by:academician Konoplya EF and Professor Rolewicz  MINSK 1998


Alexey Nesterenko  The Institute of Radiation Safety "BELRAD"

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  • #1 (Friday, 11 January 2013 17:31)

    Goncharva had for Cs-137 and 4 for Cs-134kBq/m2 (Close to Minsk
    but also 3.81 Sr-90, 2.98 Pu-241 ... and other radionuclides about 1 montu after Chernobyl
    Th kisk is not externaé radiation, but incorporation in food and drinks,
    whichis more radiotoxic, due to concentration in some tissues or organs.
    This radio-contamination produced genetic alteration.

  • #2

    Alfred Koerblein (Thursday, 17 January 2013 01:26)

    I can't see how Alexey can know that the cesium soil contamination in Minsk after Chernobyl was < 3.7 kBq/m². In a map of the Chernobyl region, Minsk lies in an area where the Cs-137 contamination is less than 37 kBq/m²,see:

  • #3

    Alfred Koerblein (Thursday, 17 January 2013 01:39)

    I should add that the Cs-137 soil contamination in Augsburg, a town 50 km from Munich, Germany, was >50 kBq/m2. Augsburg is 1500 km away from Chernobyl.

  • #4

    World Network staff (Friday, 18 January 2013 21:42)

    Here is the source attached. This is the map of contamination of Minsk region in 1986. (A. Nesterenko)

  • #5

    Alfred Koerblein (Friday, 18 January 2013 22:09)

    To Alexey Nesterenko:
    Sorry, but the link you provided does not work. Can you not answer my post with a few words?
    I said that it is difficult to understand that the cesium contamination in Minsk is 10 times smaller than in parts of Bavaria, 1500 km from Chernobyl. So, whatever data you present, this just doesn't make sense.

  • #6

    World Network staff (Monday, 21 January 2013 18:29)

    Dear Mr. Koerblein,

    So, I found the first map (map 1) of 1986 - where Minsk is in between 7,4-18,5 kbq/m2. (source Chernobyl accident:Aftermath and their overcome. NATIONAL REPORT Edited by:academician Konoplya EF and Professor Rolewicz MINSK 1998)
    Probably the first one (map 1) is more trustful.

    Why it was anyway less than in Bavaria - I think mostly because of wind rose and due to mountains. The wind rose is also attached in slides.


  • #7

    Alfred Koerblein (Monday, 21 January 2013 18:32)

    Dear Alexey,
    this sounds reasonable.
    I just couldn't believe the value of <3.7 kBq/m2 that you gave.