The 3rd Bastille action in Paris

The third Bastille action was held on the cold afternoon of Saturday, December 8. The Sortir du Nucléaire Paris (Phasing Out the Nuclear Age Paris) and the network of Japanese living in France, Yosomono-France, jointly organized this monthly anti-nuke action.


At 14:00, Xavier Saint-Marc from the SNP announced the coming big action, Human Chains, for the 9th of March to coordinate with the various actions in Japan commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the accident at Fukushima.

The following speaker was Youki Takahata from Yosomono-France. She talked about the current situation of the Fukushima catastrophe and the possible political power change which might reverse the nuclear policy in a bad direction. There was one minute of silence for the victims of the March 11 earthquake and the nuclear accident, with a prayer that the parties who had promoted the nuclear energy in Japan would not regain power. Then the parade started in the square with a miniature of the Japanese parliament crowned by an anti-nuke flag.

Alain Dignoire, another speaker from the SNP, commented on the failing project of EPR, European Pressure Reactor alias European Problem Reactor, which had been swallowing billions of euros that could have been used for improving the insulation for all the public housing and developing other energy sources.


The event continued with an entertaining parody by Professor Proton, played by Batist Somier, and interviewer Xavier. Prof. Proton denied all the questions about nuclear safety and boosted French luxury brands for exportation. His answers sounded so absurd but the lies from the nuclear community are no less absurd than this parody!

We had a new speaker on Saturday, Mr. Nelson Surjon, who had given up his restaurant business in Tokyo and moved to France with his wife and two daughters. The whole family took part in the action. He gave several examples of health problems among his friends' kids, and he revealed how the medical society in Japan was controlled by the infamous prof. Yamashita, health advisor to Fukushima.


Then again Kansho Odori was performed, in a show of solidarity for the Fukushima women who set up protest tents in front of the ministry of Industry and Economy, supervisor and protector of Tepco.

CENTRALES NUCLEAIRES (Nuclear Stations) is an anagram of LES CANCERS ET LA RUINE (cancers and a ruin)
CENTRALES NUCLEAIRES (Nuclear Stations) is an anagram of LES CANCERS ET LA RUINE (cancers and a ruin)

At 15:30, Xavier once more reported of the dangers of the underground storage of highly radioactive waste in Bure. Authorities are planning to make 500 m deep permanent storage caves of highly radioactive waste, because they have not found any solution to the disposal question, while the amount of waste continues to grow steadily. Already 390 million Euros are distributed in the region where employment is scarce. Xavier stressed that this was the way to remove from view an unsolved problem--nuclear waste-- out of sight and let it be forgotten, leaving the danger for the generations in the future.


Following the Anagram, Haruko Boaglio, refugee from Miharu, Fukushima, one of the members of Yosomono-France, talked about the complaint by Fukushima victims against the government, TEPCO and the nuclear safety specialists who downplayed the severity of the accident. She herself is one of the 1324 plaintiffs.


Our star of the day was reggae singer Kommandant Simi Ol from Côte d’Ivoire. Rhythms completely different from Kansho Odori enticed several participants to dance.

We also had a guest from London, Nobu in samurai costume from the last days of the Edo period.


Due to the cold weather, we did not get many participants this month, but it was very enjoyable and a satisfactory afternoon with a variety of people. There were enough passers-by who stopped for a while to listen to speeches or to participate in a post card action to say No to Restart and to support the Fukushima tribunal.


Kasumi Fujiwara  Yosomono Net

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