Contamination at Fukushima University

Fukushima University is located on a hill 10 km south of Fukushima city centre. At the campus, there are now several monitoring machines for background radiation. The monitoring machines were installed in February 2012 and initially they indicated a fairly high radiation dose rate of 2.0 µSv/h. Currently, one of them shows 0.18 µSv/h. When the installation had been completed, the first thing done at the site was the decontamination of the area immediately around this particular monitor!

On Saturday during the last post-graduate exam, the students witnessed workers cleaning the area using a high pressure cleaning machine. The current reading on the monitor shows the result of decontamination. Compared with the independent measures made with remote Geiger Counters, this monitoring machine shows the lowest radiation level on the university campus. But, it is this number that has been reported to the public. So, we call these figures ‘ from the decontamination spot’ – not from a true and genuine monitoring spot.


Since the open-campus event in August 2012 at the university, a big banner has been hung up. It reads: ‘There are things we can get only in here’. I wonder, what exactly are the ‘things we get only in here’?


Takeru Arakida  FGF (a Voluntary Group of Lecturers from Fukushima University)

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