Medically immoral and criminal, Dr. Caldicott slams the Japanese government

Dr Caldicott, paediatrician, anti-nuclear campaigner and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, is presently on a lecture tour in Japan. She speaks with great urgency for people, especially the media of Japan, to become informed of the present dangers of nuclear levels post Fukushima meltdown. She compares the actions of the Japanese government today with the Russian government during the Chernobyl nuclear crisis. While the Russian government evacuated children and women of child bearing age, the Japanese government has done more to protect TEPCO and the nuclear industry than the people of Japan. The Fukushima nuclear crisis is the most severe the world has ever experienced. Yet, the Japanese government is not informing people of the high levels of radiation that is still in the country, that is concentrated in the food and that Caldicott predicts will result in a cancer epidemic in the not too distant future, particularly in children. Furthermore, what preventative measures are being employed to maintain the 4th reactor in Fukushima, and why is the Japanese government not accepting the support of the international community.


As a doctor, Helen Caldicott claims the actions of the government today through lack of public information are both medically immoral and criminal.


Source: Our Planet-TV

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    Janet (Saturday, 01 December 2012 01:06)

    Thank you, Dr. Caldicott! Thank you for bringing sanity and good sense to this terrible situation. So many Japanese women have tried to get the attention of the Japanese government and have failed. I hope and pray that the Japanese government will listen to you and remove women and children from affected areas and return to shutting down the nuclear industry in Japan!