Establishment of a National Network for Rest and Recuperation Programmes; connecting groups nationwide

The National Network for Rest and Recuperation Programmes, in Japanese “311 Ukeire Zenkoku Kyogikai”, held a press conference on its inauguration in Tokyo on September 4, 2012. Since many people seek to evacuate, migrate and recuperate for different periods from radiation contaminated areas, based on different needs and circumstances, a council was established with the objective to enable support groups to cooperate and share activities nationwide. Its main objectives include sharing information on hosting (for evacuation as well as recuperation), a recuperation database, promotion and improvement of recuperation camps and consultation in contaminated areas and evacuation sites.


Background: In February 2012, a “National Summit to Protect Lives from Radiation” was held in Fukushima city (Fukushima prefectural capital), which drew residents and more than 100 groups for hosting evacuees nationwide. The summit reported nationwide hosting activities and held consultations on recuperation and evacuation as well as subcommittee meetings on various issues such as migration and health. Throughout the summit, it was realized that there is a need to share and cooperate in such efforts, while staying closely connected to the affected areas. Thus, a search for the establishment of a standing council began.


This council aims to establish a future long-term hosting system.


"Tangara" October 2012, magazine of Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation

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