November 11 Bastille Paris

The second monthly event organised by 'Phasing Out the Nuclear Age Paris' and 'Yosomono Net France' took place the 11th November at the Bastile in Paris. During this event, there were talks about the nuclear situation in Japan as well as the policies regarding nuclear energy in France. In relation to the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Taka Honda, a representative of the “Fukushima Network for Saving Children from Radiation” talked about the current situation of the affected area last time, while Haruko Boaglio, a refugee from Fukushima, exposed the health condition of the children living in the contaminated regions on the 11th. As part of this event, the participants enjoyed a traditional dance from Fukushima, a shrine parade, music from Okinawa and even anti-nuclear reggae that blow away the cold weather of Autumn in Paris.

Japanese and French participants came together with the only wish.. to abolish the use of nuclear power.


Yuki Takahata  Yosomono Net France


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