The Foundation of Yosomono Net Paris

In June 2012, we summon all Japanese nationals living abroad to sign a petition addressed to Japanese Prime Minister Noda contesting the re-opening of the Ooi nuclear power plant. In two day we received 500 signatures from all over the world.


In Japan, more than 100 thousand citizens are demonstrating weekly in front of the Parliament and the Prime Minister Residence to protest against Japan’s need of nuclear plants. On August 22nd, was formed the Association for Establishing Legislation on Nuclear Power gradual discontinuation.


As Japanese Nationals living abroad are independently taking actions against nuclear plants, we strongly believe that our strength lies in co-operation. Our interest is to complement and work with all civil groups in order to raise awareness and joint efforts to protect the citizens.


“Yosomono” means in Japanese outsider, it describes our situation as nationals living outside of Japan. We are foreigners, “outsiders”, in our host countries but also in Japan, where often we are considered by our compatriots as being separated from Japanese internal current affairs and their reaction to our voices goes as far as “ We do not want to hear people living abroad saying this or that”.


Japan remains our motherland, we are deeply worried about the severity of the situation and we are racking our brains to find out how can we express our support and sentiments.


Our goal is to synchronize our voice with the Inside, who may have difficulties in perceiving the complexity of the risk from the Fukushima incident or openly express their opinions.


Contamination by radioactive substances, processing of nuclear waste among other issues are worldwide life threatening. There are no boarders in facing important issues regarding nuclear incidents. We must unite beyond boarders to work on the solutions together.


At the moment, our attention should focus on the emerging health issues of the children living in the contaminated zones and the poor security management for the nuclear workers, without forgetting the political, socio-economical and legal aspects involved such as a change in the energy policy of Japan.


Such issues are impossible to be tackled by an individual, therefore, our mission is to create a forum where we can question, share knowledge, wisdom and creativity trough our mailing list and internet site, providing a strong base for a democratic society where citizen’s lives and voices are respected


We are reaching out to all Japanese citizens abroad for your participation and cooperation.


Yosomono Net Paris


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    Like (Friday, 26 October 2012 14:53)

    Beer yeast, honey and proteins, antioxidants, v.C PP protect cells from radiations. Healthy menu, detox diet are nesessery also.

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    verdier korbel luca (Tuesday, 13 November 2012 01:14)

    Je suis cinéaste et j'habite Paris. Je viens de tourner un film documentaire en relation avec Fukushima. Voulez vous que nous en parlions?
    Bien à vous.
    Luc Verdier-Korbel

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    yosomono net france (Tuesday, 13 November 2012 07:51)

    bonjour Luc
    merci pour votre message, pourrions-nous en savoir plus sur notre adresse
    merci et à bientôt

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    Roger NYMO (Thursday, 03 October 2013 17:37)

    En solidarité avec celles et ceux qui subissent quotidiennement les abominables conséquences sanitaires et sociales des décisions criminelles iniques de l’actuel gouvernement japonais dictées par le lobby nucléaire mortifère international onusien, exigeons les démissions de tous les ministres EELV de l’actuel gouvernement français.

    Astrid, ITER, l’EPR, Bure, le laser Mégajoule, Fessenheim et le Tricastin sont des couleuvres impossibles à avaler.

    Sans fermetures immédiates d’installations nucléaires, leur transition énergétique n’est qu’un attrape couillon pré électoral de plus.

    (Source :