There is no escape when you live in radiation polluted area; the condition of the workers at waste incineration sites

Koriyama City is located approximately 60 km west of Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant. It is an important commercial centre for Fukushima Prefecture with 340,000 inhabitants. After the explosion of the Power plant, Koriyama city immediately received a radioactive plume from the wind blowing that direction as happened in Fukushima City the capital of the prefecture (300,000 inhabitants). Radioactive contamination is therefore widespread within the city and its inhabitants have to deal day after day with it. If the standards used in the Chernobyl accident, were applied to Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant, the city should have being evacuated.


This picture is from the city’s waste incineration site it is striking to see the workers equipped with radioactive protective suits and masks, albeit it is only an incineration plant. After March 2010 household waste such as dust from vacuum cleaners, tree branches, grass etc has become radioactive therefore sent to these facilities for disposal.


Makes one wonder if the workers on the facilities, were given any explanation on the change of their job description to manage radioactive waste? Have they been provided with individual dosimeters? This simple fact, reminds us that there is not escape when you are living in radiation polluted area. The exposure is everywhere, in a farm, in a forest or at work. So far there has not being a declaration from the officials about the level of radiation remaining on the exhaust emitted to the environment from the incineration facilities nor have they given any warnings against it.


Masako Hashimoto 

World Network For Saving Children From Radiation


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