Protesting against nuclear power over 30 years at White House

Concepsion Picciotto in Lafayette Park, Washington D.C.

The tourists come and go. The Presidents and the political scene change. But, Concepsion Picciotto remains unchanged and has continued a vigil for world peace and against nuclear power since 1981. Her tent was set up right in front of the White House and stayed for more than 30 years through the rain, the snow and the sun. Being old and injured, she cannot stay there for 24 hours anymore. Now, she shows up to protest for a few hours a day. A young lady, Alex, sits in the tent instead and tells Concepsion's message to the curious tourists. "I have been here only for 6 months so far", said Alex. Concepsion's legacy goes on. 


Mariko Bender

World Network For Saving Children From Radiation

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