Washington D.C. rally diary Vol. 2

Read the report on the speech at Congressional Briefing by our member on September 20, 2012.


My speech was dedicated to the children of Fukushima who need immediate help. I am a native of Fukushima and my family still lives there. The 3/11 earthquake severly destroyed my hometown. The crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant has become a never-ending nightmare for the residents. I wanted the audience to understand that the residents are trapped in the gas chamber-like environment, helplessly believing what the Japanese government and the doctors say, "You are safe." I wanted to represent the voices of the children of Fukushima who follow hopelesly what adults say and do, breathing in radiation daily are getting sick right before our eyes. "Why do we have to suffer from the nuclear plant adults built?", the children ask us. "Please protect us from radiation.", the children make a plea. The Lives of the children of Fukushima are under responsible adults' hands. We are challenged to work together to create a world where all children can live safely without fear of radiation.




Listen to the speech here.

Watch the speech at Congressional briefing no. 1 from 19:22 on this site.


Mariko Bender

World Network For Saving Children From Radiation

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