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On September 11, 2012, the first case of pediatric thyroid cancer was discovered by means of thyroid gland examinations of 38,000 children in Fukushima. Normally, the possibility of having pediatric thyroid cancer is around one out of 1 million children (Syunichi Yamashita, 2009, P 536 L1~2). Furthermore, the recent thyroid gland examination found out 43% of 42,000 children have abnormal thyroid growth. This number is alarmingly high compared to the findings of an alternative examination conducted by Syunichi Yamashita, the radiation risk management adviser in Fukushima, resulting in 0.8% in Nagasaki in 2000, and 0.5% in Chernobyl five to ten years after the nuclear disaster. It is clear that something abnormal has been happening to the bodies of children in Fukushima. If these abnormalities seen in these children’s bodies are left unsolved, Fukushima will become another case of Belarus or Ukraine today, where healthy children are only 20% of the whole. This is not an issue of political measures, but the issue of the basic human rights, which casts the question whether the endangered children are to be spared or victimised. The government must learn from the lessons of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and return to the very basic principle ‘lives are the nation’s treasures’. Sign the petition and support us to evacuate the children from Fukushima to the non-contaminated area immediately.


The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trail

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    Larry Lessard (Wednesday, 26 September 2012)

    It is worthwhile to add more and more "independent studies". To convince politicians there needs to be mounting evidence by scientists both from Japan and from outside the country. Keep up the good work and maybe someone in the government will listen.

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    Karima Bensouda (Wednesday, 26 September 2012 21:36)

    I think time is an important factor in this case. Please take action rapidly!

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    Cesar Laudanna (Thursday, 27 September 2012 12:17)

    There is some measurement that need to be taken and will represent a complete turn to better improve quality life and health perspectives for a small group and society.This situation require one of this measurement.
    I hope the governament of Japan and police makers can honor their international image of a nation that still place their people before politics.

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    Dmitrii Kouznetsov (Monday, 04 February 2013 03:46)

    The commercial nuclear reactors are designed in such a way, that, at the failure of the cooling system, they blow up the nuclear fuel into the atmosphere. (Even if the chain reaction is stopped, the decay heat is sufficient for this.) The nuclear companies do not provide the insurance for the case of a nuclear disaster. If no disaster, the company gets the benefit. If disaster, the company cannot pay the damage, it is huge; so, the government have to pay it from the national budget. After to see the evidences of the sabotage of the dosimetric group and the administration, I have no hope for their good will. For this reason I think, that the present level of legislation cannot provide the safe use of the nuclear energy. There is simple way to deliver this message to the government: All contaminated regions should become empty. I think, that all children should run away from the regions where the radiation level is an order of magnitude or higher than normal. It is better to live in a tent in a clean forest than in a comfortable home in a contaminated city. If your Geiger counter counts some 80 clicks/minute instead of normal 15, then take your children and drive away, to the place, where you get again 15 clicks/minute. Over-vice, you may hear from your dying child: "Mom, why didn't we run out?" You have no need to know much about the nuclear physics in order to understand this.