Washington D.C. rally for a nuclear-free future; Congressional briefing part 1

Washington DC Rally by Coalition Against Nukes 9/20/2012


Coalition Against Nukes organized a 3-day rally in Washington DC from Sep. 20th. This congressional briefing for our representatives, sponsored by Representative Dennis Kucinich’s congressional office, had several aims.

  1. It is meant to focus attention on the medical effects of radiation exposure.
  2. Call for the phase out of nuclear power beginning with the rapid closure of Mark I and Mark 2 boiling water reactors in the US, in concert with plans to meet our energy needs through conservation, efficiency and renewable energy sources. We also call for the decommissioning of any reactors with serious safety concerns or located in a seismic/tsunami prone area.
  3. It is meant to heighten the focus on the continuing catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan and especially in regards to spent fuel pool in the number 4 Reactor which will hopefully still be intact by September and this in relation to our unresolved issue of nuclear waste disposal here in the United States.

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