Japan launches new nuclear regulatory body after Fukushima disaster

September 19 - Japan has launched a new nuclear regulatory body in charge of overseeing the safety of its atomic reactors. The Nuclear Regulation Authority, headed by radiation physicist Shunichi Tanaka, is entrusted with formulating criteria for restarting reactors. However, questions have been raised about the appropriateness of the choice of Tanaka as chairman, as he previously served in key positions in entities that contributed to Japan's nuclear energy drive before the Fukushima crisis. Moreover, as a decontamination adviser of Fukushima, Tanaka undertook the decontamination project and sought to prevent voluntary evacuation since the Fukushima disaster. The new regulatory body has not yet been able to wipe out the viewpoint that it is still a part of the "nuclear power village". 


Mainichi Shinbun Newspaper  19, 09, 2012


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