34% of Fukushima residents "still want to evacuate", Fukushima City revealed

A recent survey conducted by Fukushima City revealed 34 % of the respondents are "still willing to evacuate". Also, almost half of those who already have evacuated refuse to return to Fukushima. A Fukushima City employee says 'the results show a very difficult situation, which we need to deal with'. The respondents are 5,000 residents of Fukushima City aged over 20, and 500 evacuees asked via mail. The city received answers from 55% of all the respondents.

According to the collected data, 34% answered that they are "still willing to evacuate", 31% "have wished to evacuate, but no longer do so". Of the respondents who already are evacuees, around half wish to return to Fukushima City, as 15% answered they "strongly wish to return" and 40% "wish to return if that is an option", while 27% "do not wish to return" and 19% "do not wish to return, if that is an option".

62% of all the evacuees live apart from their families. Of these respondents, 71% answered they are "not likely to live with their family in a near future". The number of evacuees from the city counts over 7,000 and the majority of them are a mother and a child/children. Also, 89% answered they "have a concern about the future of their children" and 62% answered that "Fukushima is isolated".


Asahi Shinbun Newspaper Online  17, 09, 2012

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